Isolation Ward - Hardcover

"Spanogle's debut combines a wonderfully flawed yet typically smart-ass hero with a plot that moves as rapidly as a lethal virus..." -Entertainment Weekly

"Joshua Spanogle's first novel is a smart, fast-paced medical thriller that is also a case study in how a young writer can make the conventions of the genre work to his advantage. Spanogle started with two considerable assets. First....he knows all about the physical vulnerabilities of our bodies and the moral uncertainties of his profession. Second -- and they don't teach this in medical school -- he's a first-rate writer. To know a profession cold and to be a born writer is a rare blessing. Scott Turow also comes to mind..." -The Washington Post

"Medical thrillers have been rather sickly of late, but Joshua Spanogle has applied the paddles and delivered a real jolt of excitement with this debut novel.... A funny, smart, and skilled writer at the beginning of what readers will hope is a long and prolific career." -Publishers Weekly

"A timely, ahead-of-the-curve look at the biotech industry. Like Michael Crichton before him, Spanogle may find himself having to make some interesting career choices soon. For what it's worth, there are already plenty of doctors in the world." -The San Francisco Chronicle

"Engrossing and intellectually wrought..."
-Kirkus Review (starred review)

Joshua Spanogle crafts a tale that is some parts disturbing, other parts plausible and ultimately extremely enjoyable..." -The Baltimore Sun

"Spanogle has written a medical thriller, Isolation Ward, that infuses elements of medical acumen and detective work to result in one of the more memorable books of recent note in any genre..." -Bookreporter.com

"In Isolation Ward, Spanogle expertly weaves in a good deal of science but keeps his main focus on his smart-aleck, very likable hero and a well-developed, engrossing plot. He propels Isolation Ward on a fast track that doesn't slow down. The author handles each twist like a pro..." -South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Joshua Spanogle makes me think that he might be able to cure what's ailing the modern medical thriller. [In] Isolation Ward, you'll find a hard boiling going on that makes this novel a lot more appealing and vaults it out of the pile of generic medical thrillers... " -Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

" A furiously fast-paced debut. Reminiscent of The Hot Zone, this thriller charts the outbreak of a mysterious hemorrhagic fever that strikes a rundown hospital on the wrong side of Baltimore. As most of those stricked with the illness die within weeks, it falls to Epidemic Intelligence Service officer Nathaniel McCormick to figure out the common thread. His journey leads to some grisly discoveries in group homes for the mentally disabled. A furiously fast-paced debut." -Fort Myers News Review

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